To keep in line with the new 2014 EU selling regulations, you have fourteen days, from the receipt of the product, in which to return it. Upon our receipt of the returned product, a refund will be given within fourteen days. Customers are obliged to pay for the cost of the return shipping.
It is the responsibility of the customer to repackage the product to a similar level in which it was sent them. No refund will be given if the product is damaged upon return.



1. PHOTOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATION.  I've tried to photograph my paintings as close to the original as I can, but oil paint reflects light depending upon its ambient conditions. I have found that I get the best results if I use a flash when taking photographs of my paintings. So, for the optimum placement, and to get the painting looking at its best, position the painting under or within range of artificial lighting. If it is positioned under natural light, the painting may appear dull when daylight disappears.

2. COPYRIGHT.  Copyright will remain with the artist. You may photograph my paintings to show people your purchase (in fact, I encourage you to do so, particularly of it hanging in its new home), but my name must accompany the photograph, crediting me as the creator of the work. No one is permitted to make duplicates, or profit from the photograph, or from any prints made.

3. VARNISHING.  In most cases, the paintings will be supplied with a final varnish. However, oil paint requires about a full year to dry before a final varnish can be applied; so, if a painting that is purchased has not had its final varnish, I will supply it with a Re-touch varnish. This will give the painting a temporary protection until the final varnish can be applied. In such cases, if you can get the painting to me by a suggested date, I will apply the final varnish free of charge.

A Re-touch varnish, however, cannot be applied until the painting is touch-dry, which can be up to three months after completion of the final brush stroke. Such paintings can still be purchased and taken away, but ought to be brought back for the re-touch varnish when it is ready.

4.  EDITIONS. Many of my paintings are evolutions of previous paintings, so there might be some pieces that are similar. These are not considered to be copies because there will always be enough of a difference for them to have their own name.

It is not considered good practice to produce identical paintings. If a request is made for an identical painting, I will only accept the commission if a significant difference is made, such as the canvas used or the size. This will enable the painting to have its own unique title or title extension which will state the "variation" or "edition".

Most of my paintings are titled based upon a design, rather than a colour scheme; so, on those rare occasions where I do produce the same piece but in a different colour scheme, then it will be given a unique extension in the title, such as "v" (variation) or "e" (edition)". 

One exception to this is where I feel that I could improve upon the painting in some way, and decide to have another go at it. For example, perhaps I liked a painting, but didn't like the canvas that I used. So I might decide to do it again but on a different surface. In this instance, all previous versions will be known as a "Study", and will have their own number.

5. SIZES.  Most of the paintings are canvas wrap-arounds, which do not require frames; but those paintings that are produced on panels or boards will be supplied in a frame. However, if you intend to use a frame with the wrap-around canvasses, or use a different frame to the one supplied with the panels and boards, then please be aware that the sizes on this website are approximates - some frames might be too tight, in which case, if you wish me to supply a more accurate measurement, please feel free to contact me.



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