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Entwining Ribbons, No. 2


Entwining Ribbons, No. 2


Oil on linen canvas wrap-around (no need for a frame)

40cm x 30cm x 2cm

© 2018

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I shouldn’t boast about my own work, but this is gorgeous!

Often I start a painting and end up changing it so many times untilI feel it’s right. Trouble with doing this on such a small piece is that I end up spending too much time on a piece that I don’t feel comfortable putting a high price tag on it. Perhaps one day, if I were famous, I could charge a high price for a small piece, but not yet.

it might small and looks simple, but this started its life back in 2012, so it’s taken over five years to complete!

Like many of my pieces, they sit on the shelf until I figure out what's wrong with them. Obviously I'll work on other paintings in the meantime. But I'll chip away at these unfinished pieces over time, tweaking them until I solve the problem.

This one in particular has gone through many changes, and looked very different until I finally made some changes that I felt finally worked.

It’s a curse being a perfectionist. It is frustrating, but worth it in the end.⠀