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Intersection, No. 2, Version 2


Intersection, No. 2, Version 2

from 279.00

Oil on gesso board

20" x 16" x 0.2"

© 2018

Available as unframed or framed. I plan to use a thin black float frame for this piece.

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This is exactly the same design as Intersection, No. 2 but with different colours and on a gesso board, which is much smoother.

Probably not the most popular colours in the world, but beautiful up close. Also lovely and fluid to paint with. These were Vasari Ship Rock and Silver Point.

The trouble with the canvas panel on the orange and blue painting, was that its tooth was too deep and kept steering my brush off course from the line. I do like the texture of canvas or linen, but that particular board was too much. This one was nice and smooth.